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Armee Et Politique Au Niger


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« Niger’s political history has lacked a synthesis on the army’s involvement in politics since independence. There have been three successful military coups during the democratization process, and at least four military coup attempts. Military rule has prevailed for twenty-one years during the forty years of independence, there have been seven different institutional regimes, four out of the six presidents were soldiers, there have been seven mutinies and other troop rebellions. A critical analysis of the military phenomenon, if not an assessment, would help envisage new prospects for Niger’s future. This multidisciplinary study is from a historical and sociological perspective, of the long-standing involvement of the army in politics from the 19th century. It aims to answer why the army is so deeply involved in politics in Niger. It reveals how a significant military component has been gradually built up in Niger’s political arena to become a highly dynamic political entrepreneur, able to compete with civilian politicians. The work shows, on the one hand, the significance of socio-political and economic contexts that promote the propensity for military interventionism, and on the other hand the transformations within the army that explain its propensity to intervene. It relates two decades of ‘military rule’, analyses their modes of legitimating, organising and managing power, gives an assessment of their economic policies and sheds light on women’s role in that institution, which was thus far a men’s business. It seeks to provide a biography of independent Niger. » from:

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